Preserve, Protect and improve the big eau pleine reservoir

Life Jackets for a Day

When the idea about having life jackets at boat landing for boaters to borrow in the event that they forgot theirs was presented to The Big Eau Pleine Citizens Organization’s (BEPCO), they were very receptive to the idea as it supported the goal in their mission’s statement to enhance boating safety.  BEPCO members built the stand, donated the stain, painted the structure and made the signs.  Money was donated by Muskie’s Inc. to purchase life jackets.  The first Life Jacket Kiosk was placed at Lisa’ Boat landing in 2012.  In 2013, the second Life Jacket Kiosk was placed at Maryel Boat Landing.  Another BEPCO business member donated money for the purchase of more life jackets.  In 2014, BEPCO provided the life jackets for the Kiosks.  BEPCO would like the life jackets to be returned to the Kiosks so we can continue with this project for obvious safety reasons.  BEPCO will also take any donations in life jackets or money to purchase life jackets. Please check out the website for contact information.

2016 BEP Boat Tour

On September 27, 2016, BEPCO members met with area farmers, local and county government staff, and WDNR staff to network regarding shared concerns about the status of the Big Eau Pleine Reservoir.  The participants were given pontoon rides to observe some of BEPCO'S Projects noted on this website.  The night was viewed by the attendees as a success with fostering continued partnerships as well as BEPCO'S objectives. 

No Wake Bridge Signs

​“No wake” signs on Hwy S, Hwy O, and Sprindler’s bridges were installed in the fall of 2012, an effort with BEPCO, the WDNR, and Marathon County.

Bridge Lights Project.​

​Bridge Lights were installed on the Hwy S, Hwy O, and Spindler’s Bridges as you approach from the water from both directions.  The blinking lights are amber in color which is required by the WDBR.  Donations totaling $5,000.00 were received from Green Valley, Emmet, Rozellville, Stratford Snowmobile Clubs, Eau Pleine Riders, KK Riders, and the Marshfield Professional Police Association.  The lights were installed by Marathon County Highway Department.